The Hot Mommas Project Judging Information

Judging Criteria
Cases will be judged by a select panel announced after the beta phase. Want to nominate someone? Email us. (We have a student-judge category too).


* Judge 5 to 10 cases using scoring sheet.
* Are unquestionably prominent individuals in their field.
* Have the ability/time to judge cases (virtually) in February.
* Benefits: Formal recognition as a judge. Permanent link on Judges page.

How cases are scored:
Cases will be divided up among judges by category (e.g., geography, industry). No judge will score more than 10 cases. All published cases will be reviewed in an initial screening and will become part of the Hot Mommas Project Case Library. Those cases meeting the criteria below will proceed to final judging. Cases will be scored by our judging panel. Cases will be judged on the quality of:

a. Business or professional issue set forth in case
b. Personal or family issue set forth in case
c. Formatting, grammar, spelling, and adherence to word limit
d. Discussion questions & answers
e. Clear, compelling writing style including use of stories
f. Additional useful information provided to enhance learning experience for reader (links, appendices, etc.) of case library.