Rima Jabr Matraji & Rima Matraji/Interior architect & Designer Middle East delegation 2011 Lebanon
Fighting all the obstacles for


 ·     I will keep on fighting for my creativity, for my honesty,  for my principals, fighting against my bad luck & my panic attacks.

·          I will keep on fighting for this woman in me who is trying to reach the impossible( in a male dominated world), who is trying to prove that :

--Any woman having high skills & talents should not at any time and under any pressure or stress give up on her dreams.




--I received today a call from a major TV station in my country, Lebanon, regarding the production of a documentary about the status of my business facing the current economical crisis and especially our politically unstable situation. The concern is about how it is affecting me as an Interior Architect & Designer who has established her OWN BUSINESS in the year 2000. 

·     This interview will reveal my struggling business as it stands.

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