Ola Mehilba- Middle East dele
Practical Mom


Challenge, dependency, ambition and persistence those few words describes my life.

     My name is Ola Mehilba I was born on the 20th of January 1957, my family consists of 8 members my parents and 5 sisters and a brother I was the 4th. My father was a very successful business man and worked in real estate, I used to look up to him and enjoy going out with him even on his business trips and he always used to tell me “ Ola you’re my little girl” . My mum used to tell me that I’m stubborn, but still I was very good at school and I entered the university of engineering.

    When I was in my 2nd year my husband proposed through my dad and I agreed. I got married when I was in my 4th year, my husband used to work with his brother but just before we got married problems occurred between them so, I encouraged him to have his own business regardless of his fear that he won’t succeed and due to that a financial crises happened to my husband, my parents demanded that I live in a decent apartment like all my sisters but we rented a small one. That was my first challenge in life because my parents did not approve on my idea but I stood up to them because I had to stand by his side.  This is why I was always motivated to have a successful husband, children to be proud of, business that I am passionate about and a lively social life.

    With love, loyalty, persistence and above all god’s will of course, our first five years was not easy but with love we faced all our problems. My role was to organize my husband’s life, our financial status got better, we got two amazing girls then we got a villa. During that period, I found that this was the best time to work but my husband refused.  He was from a conservative family (women shouldn’t work).  I chose to have a private business than to become an employee so that I could balance between my family and work to control my time. Later I explained my point of view regarding work so he approved with one condition when he knew it was readymade garment for vailed women that only women could work with me, it was difficult since mostly men work were better in that field but still I agreed.

     My Father had a place and he didn’t mind giving it to me; I bought the machines, fabrics and raw materials with installments since I did not have enough money. After I established my workshop I designed a few samples and took them to the biggest store, he told me to leave them and he will call back after a week. After the week I went and inside me fear of failure, I saw him when he Shouted “where are you, all your products were sold” he explained that he lost my number then said “get all what you can get, your designs are unique” at that moment  I felt I was flying and not driving back home. I told my husband about the meeting I convinced him to work with me since he’s more organized  also so I could expand my work with him in the picture, eventually he agreed. At that time my work became one of the top five factories in this field.  

    The biggest challenge in my life was when I got my 3rd baby on the 25th of August 1987. when I first saw her I was shocked to see that she was shaped as a crescent , then I searched of anything else and found  several abnormalities.  I took her to a Natural therapist when she was only 4 days old. At that moment I wished that God would make her healthy. I had a c-section and the doctor told me you’re the only one that could deal with her, her crying made me forgot all the pain and all I thought of was Suzan’s health. After 6 month of therapy not a slight change happened, so I took her to an Orthopedist,

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