Jaruwan Numlarp
Little caterpillar caught her wings – moves to face the future


I never been far away from family before, assembly with my look is neat and I am not talkative person, it made everyone thought I was a weak girl and could not do anything by myself. I have been proving myself that I am not being like their judgments. It looked like I didn't pay enough effort. One day, I decided to go abroad to challenge and explore my life and visions, even though my parent has disputed me.


I ask myself "Why people thought that I'm a weak girl?" "How can I change their thought?" The answer popped up in my head "I could not change their thought, but I can change mine!" That's the reason that made me started to improve myself.

I used to be in the worst grade group student. Teacher told me that I am a stupid student. To delete all those insult, I have studied harder and got a better grade. I was working a part- time job while I studied in the university, so I did not to ask my parent for the money.

When I graduated, I have worked in Media Company which reminded me to the first day that I applied for this job, I heard someone said "I thought she could not handle this job" (Why does people judge each other just looking from the appearance?), but I still got this job. It was a great experience as I really enjoyed it. I worked as a customer service specialist. It has allowed me to get to know many people from different backgrounds and helps me in facing new problems. However, I realized that I need to get a new experience.

At first, I just wanted to change my job. But, I decided to get more exciting experiences which was going abroad because I thought it was challenger and it would help me open up my eyes.

Unfortunately, my financial was poor. It was my big obstacle. I had to find the proper way for me, and I heard about Au pair program from some friends. This program would give me the opportunity to stay with American family and look after their children.

My parent against me about this program, they are too worried. How could I live? How could I believe in this program? Etc. I thought about this program about thousand times and asked them almost a hundred times, but they still insist to against me. Then, I asked myself "If I didn't start it right now, when I will have a chance to start and move forward?" After that I went to apply for an Au pair program, my parent didn't know.

Au pair program was required a person who has a good experience with children. So, I needed to get though this required. After I done my regular full-time job, I had to do a part time as a babysitter. And not too long, I fulfilled this dream and flown to the united state to be an Au pair.

Professional issue

At first step in the united state, I found that I was not the only one who follows the dreams. There are many Au pair around the world keep following their dreams. Each person has different dreams. I just told myself "just do your best"

After 1 year and 4 months of being an Au pair in America. Sometime I feel lonely and miss my parent, but I have to keep going. I will never give up. However, becoming an Au pair would not just allow me to develop my English language skills but to learn more about culture and traditions of America. Also, it gave me an awesome opportunity to travel and saw the exciting things around me and to open my eyes and ears.

I gain a lot more patience, learn how to communication with people, be more confident, and learn how to manage and plan ahead to achieve my goals.

Personal issue

I thought that your life is your own. So, you should value your time and spend every second with happiness. Always do your best at everything. Open up your visions. Explore and challenge yourself is a fun part that I always do. Think positive because this world needs a person who has a positive thinking.

Right now, my parent is proud of me. They said I did a right decision. For the future, I still have to keep improving myself. No matter what people say, just be myself and always do my best. Now, this butterfly will fly to face the future with stronger wings….