Case Checklist

Checklist for Case Writing

Please refer to Case Study Tutorial for the complete description on what to write on each section.  Please refer to the Judging page for evaluation criteria.

1.       About me

-          Your case will be searchable using certain pieces of profile that you allow to be public, as well as labels from step #6. You control public/private for your entire profile.

2.       Warm Up -

-          Complete the three point survey to rate your personal and professional drive. This will contribute to our research.

3.       Write Your Case Study

-          Title- Cases should be named after yourself. You can also include a company name if you are the company owner.

-          Tagline- max. 10 words

-          Body (Suggested sequencing):


-Background with "Aha" moment

-Professional Challenge

-Personal Challenge

4.       Discussion Questions

-          3 to 5 questions + answers/perspectives on each question

5.       Appendices and Supporting Materials

-          Notes

-          Links (need to upload video or documents? Use Youtube and Google Documents then place the link in your case).

-          Schedule of average daily activities-inquiring minds really want to know.

6.       Tags

-          Add any additional tags or terms related to your case.

7.       Publish

-          Click "publish" to submit your case and publish on the internet after moderation. Click "save" to come back to later. Suggestion: Publish, and continue to edit your case "live." This way, you can send your case link to friends for suggestions (links available after our beta testing has ended). You can edit up until February 24th, 2013. Judging will take place in March, 2013. We will announce the winners later in the Spring with the formal awards ceremony taking place in the Fall in DC.